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Who We Are

What's dareful™?

We’re seriously grown up women curating adventure, conversation & connections for our tribe.


Let’s go outside! Welcoming adventures minus the bro culture. 

Curating conversations with brands about our real selves

What We Do

What drives us

What Drives Us

Now means now.

We’ve built careers, raised children, nurtured relationships and now we are embracing a new chapter: ourselves.

It’s about stretching ourselves physically and more. Reclaiming our friendships and love affairs. Embracing work we love. It may be going gray. Or a year of wearing red. Or finishing a mud run. Or traveling to a new country. Or exploring inside our own minds.

There are lots of ways
to be 

The journey counts.

Funny thing about getting older: it allows (and demands) that we acknowledge and celebrate every step. Saying yes to the adventure. Putting it on the calendar. Showing up. Being scared but not letting our brain say no. Doing something badass.

Conversations worth having.

We want to talk about what’s going on in our lives. There’s a sense of freedom and, yes, a tinge of fear. We’ve never done this (this = whatever age we are) before. Even though popular culture is telling us we should be quiet, we refuse to be invisible.

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